Who is Jazz’d Creative?

And what is this “Getting Jazz’d” stuff all about?

About Us…
With over 50 years combined experience in the marketing field, Jazz’d Creative has excelled in the advertising industry by consistently generating more customers for our clients. As the world changes, so does our advertising strategies to keep our company ahead of what other marketing agencies are doing. We continue to perform at the top of the market with skills in every area of marketing, all geared toward one thing, generating more customers for your business. We take care of every detail for you with highly skilled teams in graphic design, creative content development, web development, digital marketing and paid advertising. With this amount of expertise, we ensure that every detail is taken care of from beginning to end. From creation to placement, we pay attention to the small things to get your company more business.

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Getting To Know You…
Success requires more than just a formula, it depends on relationships. In order to drive customers and sales, we need to know your company and your unique needs and expectations. Our success is about more than skilled teams, but rather forming personal relationships with our clients. All of our experts are present and available. We are happy to jump on a call or pop in for a visit to hear what you have to say and offer personalized solutions. These personal details set us apart from your competitors and get you more customers.

Getting To Know All About You…
We don’t just check off a generic list of solutions. We listen to you and then craft a custom digital strategy to get you more business using an array of specialized skills from creative and graphic design to paid advertising. We create, optimize, and monitor specialized content and ads on the right platforms to generate more leads for your company. We become symbiotic partners where your success becomes our success by providing you with focused, targeted digital marketing and SEO solutions to your company’s specific marketing and design needs.

We aren’t asking you to take our word for it. Take a look at testimonials from our clients made friends who know from experience that our custom strategies consistently generate more customers for their businesses.

Jazz’d Creative has helped me grow my small business. I signed on with them to help manage my social media, help with search engine optimization, and set up a website. It did not take long before I saw an uptick in the amount of business I was doing. They’ve done a fantastic job and are very easy to work with. Communication is wonderful and they are overall pleasant to work with!

Excellent Service! Very professional, yet very personable. Easy to understand and very good at what they do.

Great people that take everything we do to another level. If you need any type of marketing these guys go above and beyond for you!

I want to thank Beth Rogers at Jazz’d Creative for the awesome website, design, build and hosting. She was so kind as to donate her time and effort to the Morgan County Rescue Squad. She worked hard with me to create the vision of the members of the squad. Beth, Thank You for putting up with me but like I have told you, you are the BOMB! Awesome job!

It was a pleasure working with Jazz’d Creative on our most recent video project – the open to our weekly high school coach’s show. Everyone loves the new look. They far exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be working with Jazze’d Creative on future projects. We highly recommend their work.

S. Goins, KOXE

Jazz’d Creative has helped us with our social media, website design & updates. We love working with them. They understand what we do not, and know how to help us promote our business successfully! We are so happy we have Jazz’d Creative helping us out! It’s a huge help in time & resources!

We love working with Jazz’d Creative and have come to depend on them for input on our most pressing marketing and graphic needs. In fact, it seems like every time we need something done, Jazz’d Creative is the only company that comes to mind to ensure the project is done correctly and on time.

Robert N., Nagel's Gun Shop

I have had the good fortune to work on a project with Jazz’d Creative. Not only do they have the experience and expertise, they are very responsive to help complete the project to customer specs. It felt liked they took ownership of the project to make sure it would come to completion. You don’t see this often today. I highly recommend!

Unbelievable team of professionals that know exactly how to capitalize on what you’re looking for. I couldn’t say enough good things about my experience with them and look forward to more opportunities with them going forward!

Very professional. Gave my staff and I a lot of new and interesting ideas. I appreciated the response time. When I called, I got to speak with a representative immediately. Very nice! Rick and Beth have brought us much new business because of their professional marketing technique. I would DEFINITELY give them ten stars if possible. These listen, they observe, they bring results! Very happy with the cost, and the ability to reach them at any time I call. Recommend them highly! A company with professionalism and integrity!

Just wanted to say what an awesome and very professional job you have done on our website for the Morgan County Rescue Squad thank you very much. Would highly recommend for any job anyone needs done

American Made
In addition, we do not contract our work outside of the country, using freelancers or companies in other countries to produce our products. All work is proudly done here in the United States, and always will be.

So, if you want your company represented with the same photocopied look as every other competitor and business, don’t use us. We believe each account we represent has the right to its own voice.

It’s own distinct look.

It’s own style.

This is how you Get Jazz’d!